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It’s not a toaster!
May 26, 2016, 9:20 am
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Yesterday the Honduras advance team left DFW at 5:25. That’s AM. Scott and I had been up since 1:30. Ugh. But the five of us arrived in San Pedro Sula (SPS) without any real problems. At about mid-afternoon, we headed to a small business that assembles and repairs dental equipment. Our goal: to learn whether the equipment Larry had ordered by phone a couple of months ago really was a portable dental unit or, as Larry had been saying, a toaster.

We are always happy to have our Honduran transportation team helping us. Allan was able to talk us into the secure neighborhood (think gated community, Honduran style) so that we could get to Raul’s house, which doubles as his business location. We were all very pleased to see our new portable dental unit, not a toaster (I have to say that the unit is quite small — about the size of two toasters). Raul explained how the machine works, including that we would need some special tubes for the suction unit.

That was our next adventure. Raul told Allan how to get to a dental supply business, and off we went. We found the correct tubes, which I dubbed “spit suckers.” They had only one package, but we wanted a second, which they said they could deliver to our hotel. Larry paid for the two packages of spit suckers, and we returned to our hotel for a long-awaited nap.

As we were getting ready to head to dinner, we learned that the spit suckers had indeed been delivered — two packages instead of one. We will return one package today.

Dinner at Pat’s Steakhouse was lovely. So was my first night of sleep in Honduras. SPS has a bad reputation, but we all felt quite secure.

Today it’s off to the Honduras branch of Costco to purchase supplies for the week. Then to Copán!


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So glad you got Dental stuff!!! See you tomorrow!

Comment by cathy lancaster

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