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Pills counted | pharmacy packed
May 29, 2017, 10:40 pm
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Gentle reader,

It appears that I have become a real slacker as a blogger. Apologies.


SO MANY preparations have already been made for our June trip to Honduras. Pills and other items were ordered a month or two ago. About ten days ago, more than 35 people gave up a Saturday morning to count pills and to attach all kinds of labels to small plastic bags. What an awesome group of people!

For a few hours that afternoon and the next day, a small group packed the pharmacy. This kind of packing takes a bit of planning. Three bags containing supplies needed for setting up the pharmacy are packed first: table coverings, plastic baskets to hold medicines, “office supplies” — all of the items needed first, before we are ready to stock the baskets with medicines. Another twelve bags were then packed, full of medicines (including about 85,000 vitamin tablets), pitchers, measuring cups, medicine bottles, and more.

Charts for the medical clinic (adult and pediatric) and the dental clinic still need to be printed. A few more labels for medicines must be printed. Reference binders for the medical clinic personnel and for the pharmacy must be finished. This I can manage.

But the part I could not possibly handle on my own — the counting of thousands of pills, powders, and creams — has been finished by about 35 wonderful people. Thank you!


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