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Here today, gone tomorrow (last day of work)
June 4, 2016, 8:04 am
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Dear readers, your correspondent regrets Wednesday’s moto-taxi ride, which resulted in muscle spasms in her back.  The spasms were so bad yesterday that I had to stay at the hotel, even with medication.  Today the medication is working, and so will I.

Our last day of work is always busy.  Patients seem to reflect the impending closure of our clinics and our departure.  The people waiting in line seem to share a sense of desperation, wondering, “Will I get to see the doctor before the clinic closes?” and “Will they still have the medicine I need?” We, meanwhile, as we serve this last group of patients, are also thinking about packing up (“What do I leave here?”) and heading home to see friends and family. It will be a bittersweet day as we anticipate home while we say farewell to our Honduran friends and associates.

Yesterday I learned that an Indian missionary named Annu has been praying all along for our mission trip.  She, her husband, and their two boys are Christians living in a mostly Hindu region.  They have a home church, and they share the Gospel as they can. And yesterday I was humbled to learn that Annu was praying for my healing.

Yesterday I was thankful for so many things: the people who were praying for my recovery, the availability of modern medicines, clean water, the comfort of my hotel room, being able to read a novel to distract myself from the back spasms. I was especially thankful for the pharmacy team–they all had my back.

Today I am still thankful for all of those things, but I am also excited to be able to return to work.  It’s why I’m here.

A brief postscript: on Thursday, we had a patient who was 100 years old!  She still keeps her own house.  She said she was 60 years old when she gave birth to her last child! We believe she walked to and from the clinic.  She was feisty.  I think that probably helped her get to the 100-year mark.


View from the construction team’s work site.


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I am enjoying your posts. Glad that you are feeling better!

Comment by Kathy Reeves O'Donnell

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