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Down, but not out
May 29, 2016, 5:08 pm
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Gentle readers,

Sorry for the “radio silence,” but yours truly has been suffering from a Honduran bug. I will spare details, but will say that it left me dehydrated and unable to do much more than lie in bed for more than 24 hours. Three doses of Cipro and some rehydration solution later, and I am feeling much better. Spent much of the day at the work site, putting the final touches on the pharmacy. I then left it in the able hands of my wonderful team and returned early to the hotel for a nap and a shower. And to the comfort of a room much cooler than the rooms at the church. I will add that I took some pride in hearing Dr. Jonathan opine that it probably is not tourista.

I will have reports from the team to share later, I’m sure. So far I know that the pharmacy experienced the usual end-of-the-day bottle neck and that other missioners who have a good command of Spanish stepped in to assist.

I have not yet heard anything from the dental team, but I know that the medical clinic stayed busy.

I have an unusual request. Usually we ask you to pray for good weather. Today, I am asking that you pray for rain — the gentle soaking kind (that we rarely see in Texas). Honduras has two seasons, rainy and dry. Officially, the rainy season began on May 15, but there has been almost no rain in the past two weeks. We heard from one of our drivers that Tegucigalpa’s reservoir is nearly empty.

More tomorrow — unless your prayers for rain bring a storm that leaves the hotel without wifi. I could handle that….


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