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First full day in Copán, and am I tired!
May 27, 2016, 8:44 pm
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We began our day in earnest at about 9:30.  We headed to the church at Santa Rita, to do preliminary set up of the clinics and pharmacy.  Scott, Larry and David worked on the clinics, hanging a wall of sheets to set off the dental clinic, and setting up tables and chairs for the doctors and nurses.

Martha and I worked on the pharmacy, arranging furniture, wiping down the shelving and tables, and spraying for bugs.  Then we organized and labeled the baskets and foil trays that will hold our medicines.  We put plastic table cloths on our work surfaces and arranged the supplies that came down with the advance team.

Meanwhile, Melanie, ably assisted by Gloria (one of our drivers) organized the food and supplies purchased yesterday in San Pedro Sula.  They worked at Escuela Ixbalanque, where they will use the kitchen to prepare lunches for the team throughout the week.

We regrouped and went to lunch ar Cafe San Rafael, a restaurant that specializes in cheese.  Of course they make the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever.

Next we headed up to the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin.  That’s where our construction team will be working, helping to build the second floor.  Much has been accomplished since the scouting team was here in March.  These people really want to build this church!  We all climbed the new stairs to what is now the roof (soon to be the floor of the second storey).  What a view!

All of this was done in temperatures much higher than we are used to.  I think I could have turned into a puddle with enough encouragement. I hope we can get used to this heat.

The rest of the team arrives tomorrow afternoon.  We will begin our real work after church on Sunday.  We are working with Honduran clergy who clearly care very much for the people of these communities.  It is a blessing to be here.


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