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Three days in
June 20, 2015, 6:14 pm
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I have been here three days now. What do I have to show for it?

We arrived Wednesday after a very long day of travel.  Our main task once here was to unload all of the fruits of Larry and Melanie’s shopping — supplies for working and for lunches.  Checking into the hotel and finding rooms always feels good.  My main reflection for Wednesday, however, is how I felt as we drove away from San Pedro Sula towards Copán. It happens every time. I look around and see the contrast between the natural beauty of the country and the abject poverty most of these people live in.  Then I feel a mixture of guilt and pity.  It’s complicated enough that I cannot articulate it adequately. I do know that I feel guilty about how much I take for granted all that I am blessed to have. The pity, I think, is misplaced. I can do things to help people here, certainly. But I think they do not need — or want — pity.  Most people I meet here, regardless of their situation, seem to live in dignity. Most of the people we meet when working are attached to the church. Perhaps that is part of it.

But the people I meet when going around the town of Copán Ruinas also seem to live with dignity.  I have no way of knowing whether they have an attachment to any church (although when I mention that I am here to work with a brigada — a mission team — many of them express religious sentiments along with their thanks).  The people I meet do have some way to make some kind of living.  Dignity certainly could be helped along by that.  I know my feelings of guilt mean that at some level I think I am better.  For that I am truly sorry.  I hope this year to begin to engage with people more as equals. Certainly many of them are much farther along in their walk with Christ than I am.

That is my prayer this evening.


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