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Scouting trip, Friday
October 31, 2014, 10:50 pm
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Second morning at Don Udo’s. Slept very, very well after accomplishing much on Thursday.

Preparing to move to a new site for our mission trip requires lots of work– checking out sites, finding local resources, and learning about what’s happening here.

Thursday morning we met with our in-country help, Bob (who bears a striking resemblance to Scott). We saw the church site, which involved a steep ride up the mountain that was only slightly less scary by car than it was by moto-taxi in June. The consensus was that we can make progress on finishing the church. Next stop Church of the Holy Spirit in Santa Rita. There we will set up the medical and dental clinics, along with the pharmacy, in a large room below the church. The room has ample windows, fans mounted on the walls, and a restroom. Peter took rough measurements by counting floor tiles so that we can plan the layout ahead of time. The education team will work in the church. We are told to expect lots of children.

Back in town, we rested for a bit and headed out to dinner. We stopped first at Nia Lola’s, where the servers bring bottles of wine or beer to the table by carrying them on the top of their heads. I wouldn’t last a minute in that job! After having anafres (refried beans and cheese with tortilla chips served in a special clay bowl), we found our way to British Colonial House. Larry now believes that it’s possible to get an American-style hamburger in Honduras.

On Friday, we accomplished even more. Hotel reservations and preliminary arrangements for water and a team dinner. Meanwhile, Peter and I were checking out hardware/building stores. We ended up taking a very long walk, but I certainly needed that. Lunch at the Marina Copán Hotel. As we ate, workers were building a dance floor over the swimming pool. Next Marlon and I went to a community clinic on a fact finding mission. We asked which illnesses are prevalent in the area. We also learned how the clinic works and that we could refer patients to them for continuing car.

As we left the clinic, I told Marlon my concerns about some of the medicines we dispense. Some medicines require follow up that we cannot give. To encourage patients to seek follow up care, we will dispense a week’s worth of medicine and refer the patient to the community clinic.

Three of us then went to Ixbalanque, the Spanish language school. Melanie needs a place to prepare lunches, and Kathy and Amadea, directors of the school, have agreed to let us use their kitchen. I hope we will have missioners interested in attending the school in June. Business in Copán has been slow for just about everyone.

Just to give you a sense of how busy we have been, here’s how my blogging has gone today: twice I got out my tablet to work on this entry. When I came back to it tonight, I had written exactly two sentences.


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