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Good days
June 22, 2014, 9:05 pm
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Our first day of work, yesterday, was a typical first day on the mountain.  There is always confusion as we begin sorting through bags, trying to get things arranged.  The pharmacy provides many opportunities to be frustrated because we have so much to set up, and the docs finish with their first patients long before we are fully ready to fill prescriptions.  But we start any way.

My team — Martha, Claudette, Janie, and Keyleen (our Honduran pharmacist) — is awesome.  We work well together.  The pharmacy is in the sacristy of the church.  It is a small room, so I have a rule that everyone who works in the pharmacy must be my size or smaller.  It’s a tight space.  I brought two yoga mats for the floor, along our shelves.  One-eighth inch of foam rubber makes an amazing difference when you spend most of the day on your feet.

Today we had a short day because we had to break for church.  There is always a slow time for us at the beginning of the day, until the docs start sending us patients.  Once they started coming, there was no break.  We still had many patients waiting for medicine when lunch began.  We worked through, which is not so bad when we know that our food captain puts food aside for us.

Bishop Lloyd Allen came to the mountain to celebrate the Eucharist for the community and for us.  Padre Luis and Deacon Dori assisted. The church is always very crowded when we attend, and very hot.  I ended up listening from outside, and that led me to a blessing.  I entered the church for the passing of the peace (always fun in Honduras, where everyone “works the room”).  After I went back outside, I decided to go to the dental clinic to pass the peace with them.  (The dental clinic has so many patients that they work later than the rest of us sometimes.). Any way, when I spoke to my teammates, saying “la Paz del Señor,” Marlon said, “Why don’t you share that with our patients?”  I made eye contact with the first patient, a young woman, and touched her on the leg as I said, “la Paz del Señor.”  In the middle of a dental procedure, she gave me a beautiful smile.  I repeated this with the second patient and got the same result.  It was absolutely one of the best experiences I have had in 13 years of coming to Honduras.

Thanks be to God.


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