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At last — working wifi
June 22, 2014, 7:46 am
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Gentle Reader,

My silence has been part business, part laziness, and part sketchy and weak wifi.  Sunday morning seems to have blessed me (or at least my iPad).  In my last post, I said that my next would be about the mission work, but I have a bit more vacation to report.

On Thursday morning, our driver Allan picked us up in Copán to take us to Siguatepeque.  Usually the drive takes us back north, almost to San Pedro Sula, before we turn to head southeast to Sigua.  This time, Allan had a real treat for us.  We took the winding highway east, the one that heads immediately in the direction of Sigua.

We went through Santa Rosa de Copán, Gracias (in Lempira, the area of the Lencas), and La Esperanza.  Santa Rosa de Copán is a fairly large town, with a lovely central square.  It was in Gracias that we had a double treat.  Outside of the town is an old Spanish fort.


There are two canon out front, and Scott helped us understand the various markings.  In the town itself, we drove down cobblestone streets past a couple of beautiful churches.  As we left the town, we took a short side excursion to the hot springs, where Valerie dangled her feet in the water.

Beyond Gracias, we passed a long valley.  At the bottom of the valley was a river, one Allen says runs through all of Honduras.  We could see that the river had cut through stone — there were tall cliffs on either side in places.  Beautiful.

The drive through La Esperanza was a bit depressing.  The name of the town means “hope,” but the town appeared to have little else.  Between the usual buildings made of concrete blocks were a series of little shanty alleys — no electricity, no water, no sanitation — I shuddered to think what the lives of those people must be.

It was good to get to our hotel and to join the advance team that afternoon.  We went up on the mountain to check on things.  All seemed well.  We were ready for the mission to begin.


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