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Going native. Well, not exactly
June 19, 2014, 7:54 am
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Life in the third world varies from country to country, I’m sure.  But I can tell you a little about Honduras.

Monday morning we saw the garbage truck go down the alley from the vantage point of the balcony of our room.  Garbage collection doesn’t sound very third world, does it. But this was not the kind of truck we see on our streets.  It was a small truck with an open space (like a pick up, but larger) for the trash.  Two men walked alongside the truck, throwing bags of trash up into the truck.  A third man was standing in the truck, pulling open each bag, looking for recyclables, I think.  There were large cardboard cartons just behind the cab of the truck.  For plastic, glass, etc.  I did not notice whether he was wearing boots, but I definitely know he was working bare handed.  That’s right, no gloves.  You have to remember that the infrastructure in Honduras is so fragile that no paper (toilet tissue) is to be flushed. Soiled tissue goes into the bathroom wastebasket.  And the man going through all of this was not wearing gloves.

Water.  Water and electricity are some time things here.  Our hotel has a backup generator, so electricity is not an issue for us.  But almost every night the water pressure drops dramatically.  Tuesday night there was no water at all.  By 6 am it was fine.  I have not asked why this happens.  I’m just glad to have water for a shower each morning.

Laundry.  And now I come to the reason for the title of this post.  Here at the hotel we do our own laundry.  In a plastic bucket.  Works well in the shower, actually.  Three rinses.  Wring out as much as we can in a towel. Then hang the garments from our balcony, much as almost everyone here does.  (See photo.)  They dried in almost no time thanks to the sun and a gentle breeze.  Surprisingly, I found it a pleasant task.  Not that I want to give up my washing machine back home!

Off to Siguatepeque in a few minutes.  With my next post, I will be reporting as a missioner.  


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