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June 17, 2014, 5:18 pm
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This is yesterday’s unposted blog, resurrected after the sketchy wifi connection in the hotel left this in limbo. Here goes:

One of the things I like about Copán Ruinas is that it can be a place to be busy or a place to be quiet.

if you warn to be busy, you can go to the local attractions:

  • The Ruins, just outside of the town, include the ruins themselves, a museum, and a gift shop.  While there, with a little extra time (and money), you can tour the tunnels at the ruins.
  • Macaw Mountain, a bird park full of macaws, parrots and other breeds. You can walk through, admiring the birds. At certain times employees will bring out a bird or two (or three) so that you can get up close and personal.  Photo opportunity!
  • The butterfly park is a small enclosed space where you can admire and photograph more than a dozen species of butterflies.  There are also exotic tropical plants.
  • Las Sepulturas, an extension of the main ruins, where you can see a “residential area.”
  • Coffee fincas (farms).
  • Hot springs.
  • A canopy tour.
  • Rostrajón, the most recently discovered site of ruins.
  • Shopping in the town, at souvenir shops, the Casa del Jade, pulperias, grocery stores, hardware stores, variety stores and more.  At some, the only Hondurans you see will be behind the counter.  At others, you will shop among Hondurans.
  • Finally, the restaurants and bars.  Spend as much or as little as you like.

Or, if you feel like being quiet,  sit back and enjoy the mountain views, or people watch from just about anywhere, or take a book to a quiet corner to read.  Just be.   This is a wonderful place for contemplation.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s fine here.


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