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Scariest ride ever in a moto-taxi
June 17, 2014, 5:41 pm
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Today Scott and I had the pleasure of talking with Carlos, a lay leader in the Episcopal Church here in Honduras.  He lives in Copán Ruinas and serves out of The church in Santa Rita, a few kilometers north.

He hopes to be ordained a deacon in September by Bishop Lloyd Allen.  Meanwhile, he is working very hard with more churches than any American cleric could imagine.  (There are at least 25 congregations in the area, led by three men like Carlos.). From Carlos we learned that there is an Episcopal church under construction in Copán Ruinas.  It’s on the side of a mountain.  They have been working on it for ten years.  Carlos estimates that it will take another five years to finish it.  These people have faith!

He asked if we wanted to see the church.  Of course we said yes.  We met him at the square, where we got into a moto-taxi.  Carlos gave directions to the driver, and we were off.  We drove out of the Barrio Central on a street that is not in the best of repair. Soon the cobblestones ended, and we were on a gravel road.  Understand that riding on cobblestones can be a bone/teeth jarring experience.  But the rutted gravel road was far worse.  In places it was only dirt.  Finally there was a stretch of nothing but mud, with a steep drop off on the left–the better side of the road–so,the driver went to the left.  Remember that this entire journey was uphill on a steep grade.  You would not want to drive your car here.  When we got to the muddy stretch, I realized that I had been praying.  It became a very conscious prayer for our safety at this point.

We soon reached the church, where Carlos described their plans to us.  An apartment and office on the first floor (the apartment for resident security), along with a conference center.  The worship space will be on the second floor.  So far, most of the first-floor walls have been constructed, but that’s all.  No floors yet.  There is still MUCH to be done.

As is typical in Honduras, this very, very poor neighborhood is blessed with a magnificent view.  The church will be lovely when finished.

When it was time to go, I told Scott we should begin praying immediately.  Downhill in one of these moto-taxis is always a bit scary, as they look as if they could turn heels over head under the best of conditions, and we were about to go down a very steep incline on a gravel road.  But our driver got as back to the square safely, gracias a Dios!



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