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Sunday: full day
June 15, 2014, 8:16 pm
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Scott and I began the day at Cafe Welchez, having an interesting conversation with a man named Shawn.  He has been In Copán since October.  His ministry is to fasciitate the work of short-term missionaries.  It sounded as if he and his wife are doing very good work here.

Valerie joined us, and we set out by moto-taxi for the most recently discovered ruins, at a place called Rastrojón.  The ruins are located a couple of kilometers north of the “big” ruins, just off the highway leading out of town.  It is a small site, but the paths wind closely through the ruins, and the signage is quite good.  In the photo above, Scott is examining a carving of a royal ancestor situated in the mouth of a mythical beast that is part puma, part serpent, part butterfly, and more.  The ancestor figure is wearing elements associated with Ruler 12.  One of the most interesting things we learned is that some of the ruins at this site predate the time of the founding of the dynasty at the main ruins.  Absolutely fascinating place.

When we got back into town (after Valerie and our driver convinced the folks at the main ruins to let Valerie in without a ticket to take a few photos of the guacamayas), we stopped at Casa de Todo for beverages and to cool off.  The Honduras-France futbol match began while we were there.  What emotion on both sides.  I was sorry I had nothing blue to wear, to show support for Honduras.  The store was out of flags.  I briefly considered buying a Honduras bumper sticker and wearing it across, well, my bumper, but I quickly discarded the idea as one that might be misunderstood.

We lunched at Comedor Mary, which is known for soups and pupusas.  Of course the TV was tuned to the World Cup.  We watched France score two goals while there.  As we walked back towards our hotel, we could hear the match on TV after TV in stores and restaurants along the way.  When we heard a brat cheer on a TV but no cheering here, we knew that France had scored a third time.  ¡Que lastima!

We decided to stay at Don Udo’s for supper since it had been raining, and we watched dozens of geckos running along the walls and rafters in search of insects.  I hope their quests were successful!  Tomorrow is a school day.  Time for a bit of reading.


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