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Moving day
June 15, 2014, 7:00 am
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Yesterday we moved from la casa de Lourdes to Hotel Don Udo’s.  We dearly love staying with Lourdes, who is one of the sweetest people we know.  The rooms there have comfortable beds, and her cooking is excellent.  We will not, however, miss climbing the hill by her house — the one between her house and the rest of Copán.  But we also like Don Udo’s very much.  We discovered this place two years ago when we stopped in for a glass of wine one day.  The colonial style of this place is enchanting.  Last year we were unable to spend all of our time with Lourdes because she had other guests coming — we decided on Don Udo’s as our next place to stay.  We enjoyed being here so much that we decided to split our stay again this year,

Our room this year is on the second floor.  It has a tiny balcony, and this is the view:

Image ,

We spent a quiet afternoon, with lunch at Casa de Todo (where Scott dropped off some laundry — same day service!) before we walked around town a bit.  Saturdays are very busy close to the square.  More vendors than usual, selling everything from jewelry to hand-carved replicas of relics from the ruins.  It was a very hot day, so after a visit to the museum on the square (with real relics from the ruins, where i was not allowed to take photos), we returned to Don Udo’s for a nap.  Oh, the joy of air conditioning!

For our Saturday night dinner we went back to the British Colonial House for Thai curry.  Scott hand the green; I tried the red.  Beautiful and delicious!  On the way back to the hotel, we passed more street vendors, this time selling food.  The smells were amazing.  Very tempting, but very unwise to eat.  So we just walked by.

Finally, around midnight, we had the rain everyone had been anticipating for several days.  Lovely.


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