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Lazy Friday
June 13, 2014, 3:23 pm
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Actually, it has not been a totally lazy day.  Sure, I skipped school to spend the morning with Scott.  But we headed out to do errands.  We were in search of green stoles (the kind worn by priests) and a plate/photo stand.  The stoles were for friends in Texas, who want to make gifts of them to priests.  The plate/photo stand was for Valerie.  She will use it to hold her tablet while teaching health lessons to the people of La Laguna.

We headed out before mid-morning, but it was already quite hot.  I knew I had seen such things before in the shops here, but certain kinds of shops look very much alike, especially the souvenir shops.  We tried making a methodical search, but once off the square (la plaza central), it is easy to lose your orientation.  So we found ourselves backtracking.  And then there is the distraction of the Casa del Jade.  Full of beautiful jewelry and carvings.  We always have to look (and sometimes buy).  We were having no success when we finally realized that the best place to buy the plate/photo stand would be, where else, the Casa de Todo (House of Everything).  We walked in and, sure enough, we not only found what we were searching for, but had choices!

After tasting a bit of success, it was time for a break.  These two poor gringos were worn out by just after 10 a.m.!  Coffee con leche for Scott and the best, coldest club soda I’ve had in years.  We had essentially given up on finding the stoles — shops had them, but not in green — and on the way back to Lourdes’s house, I stuck my head in one shop, saying “Have we been here today?”  We had not.  And there, on a shelf at the back, was a stack of stoles with exactly three green ones in the mix.  Success!  It was a bit like hearing some one here shout “Gooool!” while watching the World Cup.




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