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Is it really only Wednesday?
June 27, 2013, 5:57 am
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Wednesday, June 26, about 11:30 pm

Today was a full day of work. There were many people outside the church when we arrived. The medical clinic and pharmacy served more than 110 people. The dental clinic had long lines of people waiting for extractions and fillings. The construction people began working on the other side of the mountain. The education team spent time at the school down the road and up a hill. The Godly Play story today was The Creation, and the craft of the day was to make a paper bird.

At this point in the trip (next to last day), there seems to be more urgency, a slight feeling of “will there be enough doctors and dentists to go around? Will there be enough medicine?” These are valid questions and are shared by the community and the mission team alike. Each year we purchase medicine based on what was needed the precious year. Of course, patients do not necessarily have the same complaints from heat to year. And the different doctors who make the trip do not necessarily prescribe the same way for the same symptoms or complaint.

In spite of running out of a few medicines, we served the people well today.

And it was a beautiful day. Martha and I took a few minutes to go to the school to see what was happening there. We enjoyed vistas of coffee fincas (farms) along the way. The children had completed their craft project and were lining up for snacks when we arrived.

Tonight we had a team dinner at Via Verde. The menu was typical Honduran food, with dessert from Fred’s Kitchen. Who knew that coconut flan was so delicious. I talked with Allen, our transportation guy, and Gloria, one of his staff. The conversation, a mixture of Spanish and English, was lively and fun.

The day closed with a sing-along on the terrace, led by Justin. Near the end, Bess took the guitar and led us in singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Lovely.

And the people said, “Amen.”


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