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Monday, Monday
June 18, 2013, 1:43 am
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June 17, about 7 pm

Yesterday included lots of walking, but that included a visit to the Casa del Jade. I came out with a pair of white jade and lapis earrings! It began to rain while we were there, so we checked out the other businesses in the building and found a cute coffee shop/bar on the upper terrace.

Lest you think that we do nothing but shop, eat, and drink, I must tell you that we went to church in Santa Rita yesterday, at the Iglesia Episcopal del Espiritu Sancto. On Friday we had met the deacon from the church just as we finished classes. He said he would pick us up to take us to Santa Rita. The little church is right on the highway, but the service was nice. There was a group from Stanton, Virginia there, too.

OK, back to food, because yesterday’s lunch is worth mentioning. We finally found Comedor Mary after comparing notes about directions we had received from several people. I decided to try one of the specialties–pupusas. Tasty, inexpensive, and served with pickled cauliflower.

After dinner, I worked on my homework and wrote a very nice blog (all of which evaporated into the ether when I tried to include a photo). Not a very happy camper last night.

Good day today. Tipico breakfast at the hotel, followed by a fun morning at school. (Scott stayed at the hotel to work on his homilies for next week, so he missed the fun.) My teacher today was Kathy, the director of the school. I worked with her last year, so I knew it would be a good time. For some reason I do not now clearly understand, I had asked to review grammar during my time here. So Kathy asked me question after question about Spanish grammar. I knew most of the grammar, but I was supposed to explain it all in Spanish. Kathy had a few good laughs over my efforts. Occasionally I explained my confusion by explaining English grammar to her. Kind of fun to turn things around.

We left the classroom a couple of times for outings. First in response to my description of our weekend activities, Kathy took me outside to see a loroco plant. Well, I think it is a loroco plant, because it is used to make the sauce of the same name (Valerie’s favorite). No one cultivates it commercially, so it sells for about $10 per pound.

Our next excursion was to the Hacienda San Lucas office here in town. I asked Kathy about it because yesterday afternoon I looked for it, but it did not seem to be where the map said. When we got there this morning I figured out why. The only sign is a poster on the gate. When the gate is closed, the sign faces the door. It was a relief to learn that I had not overlooked it. With Kathy’s help, reservations were confirmed for our rooms, and reservations made for dinner on Wednesday.

But do not fear: I still had time to explain much more Spanish grammar!

After our mid-morning break, most of the students played synonym bingo. Valerie was the first to bingo, and she did a little victory dance. After that, everyone who binged had to dance or sing. I tried to her out of it by claiming to be grave (a bit snobbish), but they would have none of it. So I did a little waltz.

This afternoon, I finally managed to find a tienda I had visited last week. They sell beautiful fabrics hecho in Honduras. Then Scott and I went to the artisan shops at one of the other hotels. There we bought Maya symbols for each of our birthdays.

The afternoon, of course, ended at TT’s, where we compared notes with Valerie.

And now, dear readers, it is time for me to sign off. Vayan con Dios.


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