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A day of birds
June 16, 2013, 2:05 am
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We started the day by moving from la Casa de Lourdes to a hotel, Don Udo’s.  it took two moto-taxis because we have so much luggage (some is for the mission trip, remember?) — but the drivers helped with the luggage, and it was a fairly painless transition.  It was sad to leave Lourdes, who has been so kind and has served excellent meals, including a breakfast of crêpes today.

The hotel is very nice.  Lovely room. Great views.  Good food.  We has been here last year for drinks one evening and lunch one day.  The whole place looked charming, so here we are.

After lunch, we joined Valerie and headed to Macaw Mountain, a bird park. The birds here are all donated, having been captivity.  Some are rehabilitated for life in the wild.  They are released at the Mayan ruins.  No tour at El Parque de Aves is complete without a bit of interaction.

See what I mean by visiting my Helping Honduras page on Facebook.

When we returned to Copán, we went to Xibalbe Café Bar but quickly decided that we prefer Twisted Tanya’s.  So off we went to TT.  Happy hour and backpacker specials = happy travelers. Who would not be happy to pay six dollars for a bowl of soup (cream of onion today), a salad (slices of tomato, cucumber, mango, avocado and beet with a basalmic vinaigrette dressing, all sprinkled with ground pumpkin seed), and a slice of carrot cake?

We all walked back to Don Udo’s, and Valerie and I climbed to the third-floor deck. Amazing views, including the little room where I stayed last year.  We were about to leave when Valerie said, “There are nine buzzards in that tree.”  I looked, and we watched buzzard after buzzard roost in the tree. We lost count at about 30.



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