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June 14, 2013, 10:27 pm
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Reporting from Twisted Tanya’s. 3:50 pm on Friday, June 14

So far, a great week. Our trip on Tuesday was mostly uneventful. We were stopped a few times by the national police (don’t worry — it’s a common occurrence), and Allan , our driver, had to show his papers. Each time, he told the officer that he had passengers who were going to Copán to study Spanish. The officers always asked if we already spoke Spanish. Allan always said no. So I tried to look ignorant! I asked Allan about it, and he said that the police might feel intimidated if they knew that we could understand Spanish. Close to the district of Copán, there was a stretch with obstacles such as large tree branches strewn on the highway, followed by a man standing on the right side of the road with a big bucket. I knew Allen would not stop — it’s one way blanditos try to stop vehicles.

Once in Copán, we stopped by Ixbalanque and received our housing assignments. Scott and I are staying with Lourdes, as we requested. Valerie is around the corner with Lorena. Both are excellent cooks. We definitely are not wasting away here! Both houses are a short distance from the school.

Classes have been good. We all like our teachers. But I confess I am glad to have a break over the weekend.

Tomorrow Scott and I must leave Lourdes’ house. We are going to Hotel Don Udo’s. More about that in a later post.

Wednesday Valerie and I went to visit her friend Santos, who served wonderful papaya smoothies.

Thursday afternoon all three of us went to the butterfly park — in the worst heat of the day. Probably not the best plan, but it was not a long walk, and the butterflies were beautiful.

Every afternoon we go either to Casa de Todo or to Twisted Tanya’s (or to both) for refreshments (read what you want into that) and to use the Internet. (Valerie says, “And that’s the truth.” Scott says, “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

We hope to go to the bird park tomorrow. That’s one event/location where time of day does not much matter. The trip requires a ride in a moto-taxi (tuk-tuk), and the park is in the rain forest, so there is much shade.

We are all well, gracis a Dios.


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