Helping Honduras …

Pill counting. Check.
June 2, 2013, 9:29 pm
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One more thing crossed off my list of preparations for this year’s Honduras mission trip:  Pill Counting Day.  

Yesterday, about 40 people gathered to count pills and prepare the medicines to be packed.  More than 100,000 vitamins were divided into baggies of 200 each.  Thousands of pills — antibiotics, analgesics, anti-parasitics and more — were counted and put into baggies.  Tally sheets listing the medication name and strength, expiration date and number of pills were filled out.  Little baggies were gathered and packed into bigger baggies.  All together, this represented about 100 hours of volunteer work.

A few of us stayed on, packing the black bags team members will take to Honduras as part of their luggage.  (Checked bags contain mission trip supplies — team members will live out of their carry-on bags.)  All done by about 3 pm.

Volunteers: each of you is a blessing to the people of La Laguna.  Thank you so much for you service.


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