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Of Cats and Cups
July 9, 2012, 2:42 am
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Many nights as I lay trying to sleep in the heat of Copán, I heard barking dogs, crowing roosters (at all hours of the night–they just didn’t “get” the concept of dawn), and the sound of guavas falling from a tree onto the corrugated metal roof of Nia Lola’s next door. But one night I heard a cat. No ordinary house cat. This cat sounded wild. I was grateful for the bars on the windows of my roof-top room.

The next morning, I left my room to find this fellow on the roof next door:


He’s small, and not very threatening. But check out the ears. He looks as if he has a rabbit or two in his ancestry.

We all elected to have lessons on Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon we gathered at Micaela’s house for wine, cheese and crackers, and flan. Dedicated students, we even played a game to review Spanish vocabulary. Micaela’s house was lovely. The covered patio where we gathered had a ceiling fan and a light. Very handy once the electricity came on!




(Please note that some of the cups are full of water!)

Most of the meal came from Cafe San Rafael, across the street from my house.


Finally, here is a shot of a typical street in Copán.


Scott and I had gone looking for the Casa del Jade, where he bought a lovely piece of black jade. After climbing up the street to the shop and back down, it seemed worth preserving the moment.


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