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Highs and lows
June 25, 2012, 3:50 am
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Mostly, it was a good day. The clinics saw a fair number of patients, and the pharmacy was able to keep up with them. The education team was short staffed, mostly because of illness. But the children appeared to have a good time. Our worship with the community included passing the peace Honduran style, which I always enjoy immensely.

Just before church, I had a fun encounter with a young boy named Sergio and his friends. Yesterday I had noticed a boy who kept looking at me. Today I saw him hanging around with Michelle, and I asked who her new friend was. When she told me his name, I immediately remembered how I had taken his picture during the peace at our closing service last year. I decided to show him the picture again, so I got out my camera and began working backwards through my photos. Several boys joined us when they saw the camera. To get to the photo of Sergio, I had to go through the photos I took in Copan last week. The boys liked the pictures from the ruins, and when I got to the photos of my room in Copan, one of them said, “Es su casa?” (Is it your house?) I explained that it was my room in Copan the previous week. They were very impressed with the external photos and the photos of my bedroom and bathroom.

A few hours later during our reflection time, I told the story of how impressed these boys were with my accommodations in Copan–a setting I had found fairly rough going compared to the comforts of home. Compared to the places these boys live, my rooftop room was a palace. I was duly humbled. And very grateful for our little house in Denton.

Our reflection time closed with some special music performed by Dana and Justin: “The River Is Wide.” Absolutely lovely.

The day ended with supper at Fred’s Kitchen and fellowship on the terrace.

But I need to share one more thing. We learned this evening that the water well is not to be. They found water, but not in sufficient quantity to support a pump. No clean water for La Laguna, at least not just yet. I hope we will be able to send a “mini-team” before the next mission trip next summer. Please keep the people of La Laguna in your prayers.


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Please write me privately if possible. I have some questions you might be able to help me with.

Got home (Colorado) last night. This is the first chance I’ve had to read the Blog. Love it! Good job!

Comment by Gene Ferguson (Eugenio)

Having been an avid follower of each and every one of your posts here, I find it fascinating and what an experience you are having. One story, however, hit close to home in that you had high (moderate) hopes of the water well coming to fruition and then to get the sad news that there wasn’t enough potable water to pull out to be of value was indeed disheartening. I believe one of the “honchos” in the water expedition is my good friend and golfing compadre Steve Rodgers (that’s Rogers with a “d”, as he so fondly points out when he is introduced by me (Rogers without a “d”) to a new acquaintance. You all continue to be in our prayers and we look forward to full reports, colorful photographs and a glorious reunion. Jim

Comment by Jim Rogers

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