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Bess came to Honduras!
June 24, 2012, 5:22 am
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Yesterday at about 3 p.m., the team bus arrived at the Granja d’Elia in Siguatepeque. Bess was on it. Easily the best part of the day.

Los Seis had arrived in Siguatepeque on Thursday afternoon, and we spent several hours Friday morning up on the mountain, getting things ready. My pharmacy prep was delayed because the sacristy was infested with some creepy, slithery bugs. I needed Raid! But there are no stores on the mountain, so that had to wait. We came back to town early in the afternoon. I had been getting updates from Bess throughout the day (almost worth a post of their own). We had a big rain that stopped just before the bus arrived. Perfect!

First, the usual welcome on the hotel terrace, which always includes the rules. Such as: stay away from the highway in front of the hotel–people get killed there. Or, don’t flush toilet paper–put it in the wastebasket. Finally, team dinner and bed.

Breakfast this morning was early, at least for Scott and me. Bess cruised into morning prayer with a cup of coffee. Then the bus ride  up the mountain. Always very interesting in a big bus! I had my bug spray and thoroughly sprayed the sacristy. Next was set  up, and we were in business.

It was fun to see Bess working with the education team. Very cute craft project–figures made of plasticine, glitter and feathers. Races and Bible stories.

I am always a bit frustrated the first day because it takes so long to get the pharmacy ready, and the clinic has patients for us before we are really ready. But the team members are awesome: Jeniffer, Pat and Pam. We kept up with our work load and had a great day.

Supper tonight at Mamma Mia’s at the mall. Our friend Dunia works there. The pizza was delicious! And the four of us were glad we ordered the “gigante.” There  was a bit of a snag when we realized that the mall was closing and that we would have to leave through the back entrance. But I had the driver’s cell phone number and was able to send a text to arrange to be picked up in the right spot. Scott was a bit concerned, but Dunia walked us out and stayed with us until our ride came.

The day is ending as I sit on the terrace writing this. There is a high schol graduation party going on downstairs. A few friends just finished an impromptu hootenanny. Time for bed because tomorrow is a work day.


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