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One last night
June 19, 2012, 10:42 pm
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As much as I have enjoyed studying at Ixbalanque, I can truthfully say that I am ready to move on. Last night was full of barking dogs, crowing roosters and heavy things hitting the corrugated roof of Nia Lola’s, the establishment next door to my house. I was just tired enough after oft-interrupted sleep that I had trouble concentrating during my lesson today. Plus, all of that French I studied years ago is raising its head, pushing my paltry Spanish out of the way.

But the morning had a high point. Kathy, the director of the school, celebrated her birthday today. Valerie went to the mercado for jugo y dulces (juice and sweets), and we had a tiny fiesta.

For lunch, I had my new favorite food: baleadas. Think large wheat tortilla, filled with beans, cheese, crema and chopped hard-boiled eggs. Deliciosa!  That was at Casa de Todo, where I started my homework. Micaela came by, as did Gretchen, and we headed off to explore. We looked at the other Spanish school in Copan and at a couple of hostels. I came to Twisted Tanya’s to finish my homework. And for a bit of refreshment, of course. Next on the day’s agenda is supper with my family, and then a final meeting of Los Seis at Via Via for conversation and a glass of wine. Jose, a young entrepreneur, is supposed to meet us with new inventory — bracelets and necklaces. We’ll see. . . .

Tomorrow morning is an extra day of class for three of us, and a morning of rest for the others. After lunch, we’ll head to Haciendo San Lucas for further adventures. I just hope I can sleep tonight so that I’ll be able to stay awake for dinner at HSL!

More soon.


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