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Trees and sports
June 18, 2012, 1:55 pm
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Yesterday we went to the ruins, having met at the square just after 8:00. We squeezed into moto-taxis for a slightly terrifying ride to the ruins. Sitting in an open vehicle that is speeding down a cobblestone street is not for timid souls!

At the ruins we found a guide who spoke very good English. Cesar explained that he was carrying a stick with a feather attached to one end because not even the guides could touch the stones. We set off and immediately saw many macaws. Cesar reminded us to be wary of the birds when standing under trees!

The ruins, of course, are amazing to see. I could not begin to do justice to them if I tried to describe what we saw. But I will share a couple of anecdotes.

As we first approached the ruins, Cesar explained how the trees that had grown up among and on top of the ruins had helped to preserve them. Then he showed us a ceiba tree that is more than 300 years old. Its trunk, of course, was immense, but what struck me was its root system. The roots grow mainly out, along the earth, not down. So there was a network od roots spreading out in serpentine patterns. Scott told Michelle M, as she stepped on one, that had it been a snake, she would have been done for! (That later served as inspiration for my homework.)

We were allowed to crawl around on some of the ruins, sitting in “the stands” where the royals had sat many, many years ago. The story of the playing field was very interesting. During times of drought and, consequently, poor harvests, there were games. It was an honor to be selected to play, and the winner was sacrificed to propitiate the water gods. As a martyr, the winner knew he would go straight to the afterlife.  The loser went home in shame.

It’s almost time for class, so I will close for now. More later–if the electricity holds up!


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