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Rats! Foiled again by freaky electricity
June 17, 2012, 2:10 am
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So I had a major posting going on, and there was some kind of blip in the electricity. All gone. Pobrecita yo!

My drink is nearly gone, so I am not going to reconstruct the entire post.

But I will say this: Copan is an amazing place. Slow pace, in spite of being in school half of  the day. Amazing food. Wonderful fellowship with the others from Incarnation who are here. Views/scenery I could not afford at home.

This is the most relaxing vacation I have had in years.

I think I could be an ex-pat here — at least as long as my health holds up. Although, in true ex-pat tradition, it might be a little hard on my liver!

I wish everyone could get away to a place like this,where the greatest concern of the day is whether the fan in your room will be working when you retire for the night.

God bless you all!

PS: going to the ruins tomorrow morning!


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Hola Amiga!
Están manteniendo nosotros todos bien informados y entretenidos!!
Hasta luego—
“Jaimita” Leonie

Comment by jleonie

Hi Lynn! What a joy to get to “travel” with you virtually!
Keep the noticias coming and hug Gretchen and Michelle for me. Es terible que usted no tiene un ascensor en la casa!
Digame en la manana “que te pasa calabasa!”
Su Amiga, “Andrea” Matthews. There is no name that translates for Dusty so Sr. Martin gave me this name at Austin High.

Comment by Dusty Matthews

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