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Electricity, I’ll never take you for granted again!
June 16, 2012, 6:34 pm
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My silence yesterday was not by choice. I was at Twisted Tanya’s (yes, again) doing my homework, when the electricity failed. Again. So no Internet after being a good student. Fortunately, everyone here cooks with gas, so no one starves–at least not for that reason. Had a lovely dinner with “Los Seis” and Gene, our new friend from school. I decided to leave before dark even though I had a flashlight in my bag and my family lives close by. The walk home was totally uneventful (gracias a Dios), but my room was so dark and warm that I could not stay awake much past 7:30! So much for my reputation as the indefatigable one. But without the fan, sleep proved elusive after all. And then there was the growling of a cat. Not your normal house cat. This morning I went out to take photos of my little room atop the house. On the roof next door was a smallish cat with the biggest ears I have ever seen. He was shy, but I’m certain it was he I heard last night.

Time to head home for lunch. More later–IF we have electricity.


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Always think of Twiested Tanya’s with fond and interesting memories!!

Comment by Sandra Cude

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