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The adventure begins
June 15, 2012, 2:17 am
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Yesterday began much too early. Up at 2:30 and picked up at 3:30 to go to DFW. We were through security and at our gate a full two hours before our flight. The. We learned that the rest of our group, who flew out of Love Field, had been diverted to Austin. Fortunately for us, the plan for our flight to Honduras was also late. So we all made our connecting flight in Houston. That flight was further delayed because they had to find the luggage of someone who did not make the flight. But it meant that our friends’ luggage was on board. All good.
Our flight to San Pedro Sula was a bit bumpy (I hate clouds when I’m flying) but we arrived in good time and met up with Allen, our Honduran driver.
The drive to Copan was fine, unless you count the times the rear bumper hit the speed bumps on the highway. Or the fact that one of the group was suffering from motion sickness because of the speed and curves.
Once in Copan,all was well. We arrived at the school, and Kathy took us by motor taxi to introduce us to “our families.” my room is the only second-floor room in the house. I have a funky staircase to climb, but I have a couple of windows and my own bathroom. Very glad I brought my inflatable hangers (thank you, Container Store) because there were only two in my armoire. Spent the first night without a fan (pobrecito!), but I have one now.
My first meal with my family was quite good: a omelet with ham and peppers, refried beans, and a typical Mayandish Made of green beans and masa.
Today was our first day of school, beginning with a five-page placement test. School was 8-12, then on our own. To do homework! I still have lots of vocab Ito learn. But first I had to take a nap. Then it rained,and the lights went out in about half of Copan. But that didn’t stop us. Three of us ended up at Twisted Tanya’s for happy hour and the backpacker specials. Wonderful food.
It’s getting late, and I have homework to finish. La cuenta, por favor!


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